Something wrong with my SSD

Hello everyone, i bought a Samsung Evo 840, 250GB 3 days ago, for my OS, i installed it, installed w7 and everything works smooth, really smooth, like 5 seconds of boot time for my pc, howether after making some benchmarks i realised that they all show me wrong ( or not? ) results...

Please check this result made with Samsung Magician, that came together with the SSD

Also i used to make a similar test...

Here is the test of the whole pc : CPU,GPU,HDD and SSD - Yesterday - Today - Again Today

As you can see the results are really crazy, and i am not sure if my SSD is defected or it should be like this...
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  1. try using crystaldisk mark
  2. As requested :

  3. everything looks fine....

    that actually looks really freaking fast for a 250 gb 840 evo
  4. Yeah that's the problem, it's way too fast from the benchmarks, 300-400% faster then anything i saw before...
  5. jordand77 said:
    Yeah that's the problem, it's way too fast from the benchmarks, 300-400% faster then anything i saw before...

    i dont understand how that could be bad.

    if anything you are a lucky bastard.....heh
  6. and you say your pc boots in 5 seconds?

    i dont know if this can affect longetivity of your drive, but i would assume nothing is wrong.

    if anything goes wrong you have the samsung warranty
  7. That's right, from the time i see the Motherboard logo screen, till the time i can already use the pc, idk start some programs/games it takes like 5 sec...

    At first it didnt want to show up ( when i had the OS on the HDD) then i just formatted it and installed a fresh OS directly on the SSD, had no problems at all..,
  8. hmm, maybe its due to you only populating your ssd with the OS and nothing else.

    i dont know really whats wrong, this is kinda odd
  9. Not really, i already installed a bunch of programs on it, they go directly in the Program Files... also i got 2-3 games on it, still it has 180 GB free from 233
  10. Best answer
    well then, im probably going to say that you are just one lucky s.o.a.b.
  11. May the luck be with me... i oc'ed my i5 3570k to 4.8 GHz on air on stock voltage, ppl also said i was extremely lucky

    Guess it was a good choice, need to thank the guy that recomended me this SSD, also from this forum ;)
  12. i wish i was you......
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