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Hi All
Can i start by saying thanks to the forums for helping me so many times before but now i need to to actually ask for help with my new build. This is my first build in about 10 years (n00b with experience lol) and i need a lil bit of help trouble shooting...

First the Problem.... Completed build plugged it into my hdmi TV monitor hit the power switch and then no boot, no post, beep, debug on LED or jump to bios. the mother board appears to power up still. fans all work. usb back panel does not power mouse or keyboard. Monitor is receving input from pc

Second the system....
mobo: msi z87 mpower lga1150
pcu: i7 - 4790 lga1150
ram: kingston hyper x beast 32gb
gfx: gigabyte geforce gtx 770
psu: antec high current gamer 900w
ssd: 2x sanddisk 250gb
hdd: seagate barracuda 2tb
case: antec 1100
monitor: sony bravia via hdmi

third things i have tried so far...
ive tried so much but probably missing something simple. I have read through many of the no Post no Boot threads on here and so far found no soulutions. i have followed all steps in the sticky still to no avail. i have tried different hdmi cables and monitors. also tried with gfx card, hard drives and optical drives removed. tried using onboard hdmi ports. Reset the bios via battery removal. ive tried running different ram configurations still nothing.

hope someone can help me out and if i can supply anymore info just let me know and ill do my best.

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  1. The bios probably not support 4790 yet.
  2. rgd1101 said:
    The bios probably not support 4790 yet.

    thanks for the speedy reply. Is there a way to remedy this?
  3. Someone Somewhere said:

    i have already followed these steps with no success unfortunatly

    pure_skeg said:
    i have followed all steps in the sticky still to no avail
  4. Best answer
    Unless you have a older 3xxx or 4xxx(not the refresh) cpu, you will need to send it to msi to get it flash.
  5. rgd1101 said:
    you will need to send it to msi to get it flash.

    after a bit of searching it looks like this might be the solution. ill call msi tomorrow and find out if it is the only way. thanks
  6. 3xxx CPU won't work... that's Ivy Bridge/LGA1155

    Some computer shops will be able to do it for you.
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