Does this look like a good deal and is it upgradeable?

Woot has this A10 Envy for $469 with 8gb ram. It seems that Envy's have room for extra drives where a Pavilion does not. I don't do gaming. I don't think I could duplicate this if I built it for the same price with Win 8. Any opinions. Just need it for home use and I do use some Photo software, but not intensive,
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  1. Yes it's upgradable (RAM, add in video card, PSU) but why buy a prebuilt when a good motherboard is one of the basic parts?
  2. Is this motherboard no good?
  3. I am not a gamer. Is it a bad motherboard for a non-gmaer?
  4. As long as you are not looking to get every ounce of performance out of it you should be fine.
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