What memory should i buy for a ASUS Z97-A + 4790k ?

Hi everyone !
I am planning to upgrade my computer and take a new cpu(4790k) and a new motherboard(ASUS Z97-A).
But I will also need 16go (2x8go) of ram and i don't know which one is better because they are so many parameters .
What memory do you think would be best for mainly 3D rendering and a bit of gaming.
I have a budget of 200 euro( 280 dollar).

Please excuse me english is not my native language.

Thank in advance.
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  1. I add some of them, like
    Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1866C10
    or Kingston Technology XMP Beast Series 16GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 because the haswell cpu like the high speed RAM.
  2. High speed memory really only matters with the Haswell IGP (built in GPU). The same applies to AMD APUs.

    If you have a discrete GPU, high speed RAM isn't beneficial over 1866.

    So I would just get something like one of these:

    Tom's recently did a nice review of Haswell RAM and the Mushkin Redline did very well for cost and overclocking. I've also had very good personal results with G.Skill RAM.
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    Gaming not so much, but the rendering will take advantage of fast DRAM and Haswell scales to faster sticks, with your CPU and mobo combo I'd look at the Gskill Tridents in 1866/8 or 2133/9 in a 2x8GB config, a secondary choice would be the Snipers in 2133/9
  4. Thank for you response !
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