Windows 8.1 goes to standby/hibernate when i click SHUT DOWN

Hello guys,

problem is like i stated in the thread title. Basically, I've been confused for quite a while now why my pc goes back on when i push a key on my keyboard or remove a usb device.

Turns out, whenever i tell windows 8.1 to SHUT DOWN (not log off, restart, save energy!) it does not shut down after all - it goes to standby-mode. How can i fix this?
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    This is just what windows 8 does in order to have fast "boot times" the only way to fix this is if it is a laptop switch it off with the plug or take out the battery. If it is a desktop after it has "switched off" switch off the psu.
  2. Thank you for your answer. So basically, windows 8 is only offering a fake-shutdown function?
    When clicking "shut down" leads to hibernate-mode, what does a click on "save energy" do?
    When i click on that my pc basically just restarts... is that also normal?
  3. Specs?
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