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OK I have a quick question. First the run down though. I am build a PC. First ever. The components of choice are MSI z87g45 mobo, Asus 7770 HD GPU, gskillz sniper 8 gb, 1 tb Seagate HD, scandisk 64 GB ssd, Intel i7 4770 k, and lg blue ray w/rdrive, CX 750 PS. Here is my questions. 1. Is this a well rounded build or do I need to change something. 2. I'm pretty sure I know but going to ask anyway. Can I put any os I want on it. I would like to go with Mac is x snow leapord for the price but wondering if widows would be better. Like I said this is my first ground up build so be easy on me. Lol thank you

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  1. For gaming Windows is better
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    Are you planning to have 2 graphics cards later? If not 750w is too much.

    Are you planning to Overclock? If not, you don't need the K series for your CPU or the Z series for your mobo, they are both for overclocking. Sorry if too obvious, but many people don't realize it :)

    The CX series is not one I'd recommend personally for a PSU. They are more of a budget brand, so I can understand people get the 430-500w version of these, but you have a great build so if you want a 750w PSU, the EVGA supernova, Rosewill Capstone or a Seasonic m12ii would be far better. An XFX also, just don't know the model name of hand :P

    Edit: and yes, you can pretty much only game on windows or on consoles.
  3. hehe , read your GPU as a 770 and not a 7770.

    You have a great CPU but your GPU is really lacking, probably better to get a better GPU like and r9 280x/770 and go for an i5 CPU instead.

    What kinds of games will you want to play? Or what kind of things will you be doing on this computer?
  4. OK thanks everyone. Will go with windows 7 then. And as for the comment on the PSU thank that's the first thing I'll up grade. As for the mobo and the k series to good of a deal on the CPU only paid 269.00+ tax so I got it for the price of an i5 so I figured why not. Micro center was running it on sale so best buy had to price match. The mobo well after reading reviews I was pretty much stuck on it. I'll be playing black ops and racing games pretty much. Again thanks everyone really helped me out.
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