Software reads much higher CPU voltages than set in BIOS

Hello everyone,
I have recently overclocked my core i5- 4670K to 4.4 ghz. For some reason, different monitoring software (Asus AI Suite 3 & HWinfo) read much higher voltages than I set in the BIOS (up to 0.3V higher) on idle.
From what I read, it's because of LLC (which I am using)
My motherboard is Asus Gene Vi.
Is there any way to determine if these reads are correct?
Should I do something about it?
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Go and check the voltages in your BIOS.
    They are the accurate ones.
  2. Seems like you're right.
    I've just checked and the BIOS reads seem much better. I've set the Vcore to 1.259 yet it reads 2 cores as 1.264, one as 1.280 and another as 1.314.
    Is this normal? (note: the CPU is cooled well, tested)
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    Yes it is normal if you are overclocking and that you have said the cpu is well cooled, you will not have any problems like BSOD/crashing/freezing etc etc.
    If you would like to further test the stability you can run PassMark burn in test or any other CPU stress test.
  4. Glad to hear. I was a bit stressed about it.
  5. Welcome!
    If you require any further assistance feel free to ask.
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