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Today I purchased a new cpu. Intel core i5 3570(not the k version) and I installed it myself. It came in its original box but there was no thermal paste. I noticed there was thermal paste already applied on the fan(where it touches the cpu) and figured it is enough.

Anyway I installed the cpu and it ran great and all, but out of curiosity I installed a temp monitor tool(2 tools to be sure. speedfan 4.9 and Real Temp GT 3.70) and both these tools say my cpu temp is at 80 degrees Celsius. And the cpu is practically idle.

I forced the fan to 100% to drop it to 70, but 70 C is still hot while idle. What do you recommend I do?
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    test each pushpin, are they solid? do they wiggle a bit, those kinds of temps are generally because of a poorly installed heatsink. The pressure used to install the pins is quite high, worryingly so in fact. The thermal paste is fine, it will only ever be on the fan (or the cpu only if you install it yourself) and less is better than more.
  2. the fan it seems was hitting its own cable preventing it from spinning correctly.

    Now I fixed that, but now I got some of that thermal paste on my thumb. Solved one problem and got into another :P

    anyway thanks for the answer, you are technically correct, in a way the fan thingy was not properly installed.
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