should i wait for gtx 800 series or just get a 770

i was looking to buy a new graphic card and i have enough money for a msi gtx 770 2 gb
but i just heard that gtx 800 series will be releasing this year now i m in dilemma
that should i buy the 770 or should i wait for 800 series probably 870 or something
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  1. the 800s Maxwell don't have a certain date, could be quarter 4 of this year, could easily be next year. No one knows what the specs are going to be, although I bet they'll be better yes.

    Thing is, what card do you have now? Can you play games you want to? Are you happy?

    If your happy and can play games now, then wait until your not, then upgrade. If your not happy and cant play your games, then upgrade.

    Funny thing with technology, is there is always something better coming out. Always. With an unkown spec'd chip, and unkown release date, with unknown prices, theres no point in waiting if you need to upgrade. I'd say if release date was lets say September, well then it would be can you wait til then? But its not, it could be, but no one knows. It could very well be next year july before its available.
  2. actually i have gtx 650 with i7 4770 k
    and i need an upgrade
  3. It will probably be December or even January 2015 before we see Maxwell cards that are on the level of a GTX 770. So unless you want to wait that long, I'd just get a 770.
    Be happy with what you have... 770 is more than enough...
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