PCIE x14 slot for GPU (just broke the x16 slot)

I am one very angry idiot dude, I just went to take out my Asus R9 280x, heard some nasty crunching noises and my PCIE x16 slot decided to break off and remain stuck on the card, it has totally ruined the board side of the slot, pins bent everywhere (Gigabyte Z87-D3HP), I see the board also has a PCIE x 14 slot, for dual cards.

Can I put the card in the x14 slot instead and run it normally????

Trying to avoid buying a new Mobo, its 3 weeks old.... GRrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

HELP PLEASE?? and don't laugh :((((
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  1. x14, there is no such thing, it x16, x8, x4 or x1

    it a x4, it gonna be slow, replace it.
  2. Do you mean PCIe x4?
  3. There is no such thing as a 14x PCI-e slot. But you could try using the 2nd 16x slot but it will only run at 4x speeds. For an issue like that you may want to contact Gigabyte and see about an RMA, because thats not normal and sounds like a manufacturing defect. If its inside 30 days you may also be able to get the retailer to exchange it for you.
  4. freeracercolin said:
    Yes, it should work. Now that you said this though, I'm kinda worried about taking out my asus r9 280x

    Don't be... if you take a look at . . . notice the latch at the end of the slot. It usually has a small lever that you hit to release the card and the card will just slide right out. If you don't press the lever the card is latched in place, you shouldn't have to pull very hard it to remove it properly.
  5. Did you undo the retaining latch on the back of the slot?

    I've never heard of a x14 width slot. Traditionally it's x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, and x32(which is used in riser cards to split off as x16/x8/x8 or x16/x16)

    Looking at the board specs, you have a second slot it will fit in, x16 wide physically, but only x4 electrically. The card will work, but the performance will be greatly affected, as it only has a quarter of the bandwidth it was designed for, max
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    You would have to really try to pull out a PCI Express slot from the board. Makes me think it's defective so they should replace it for you considering when you bought it.
  7. I'll send it back, I pressed the release latch slowly pulled it and it broke, still fuming, thanks all....
  8. No problem. I have actually broken alot of those latches when I couldn't reach them but the slot still worked after that.
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