fps problem on my laptop

hi.. actually i am having fps problem in my laptop. i have lenovo g500 with i5 processor
ram :4gb
gpu: amd radeon 8750m
fps : 30 in battlefield with low settings

so kindly give me solution to increase my FPS
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  1. Laptop...

    Well there's yer problem right there.
  2. Buy a better PC next time, thats your solution.
  3. A mobile i5 is only a dual core with 4 threads. The only way to go for mobile gaming is an i7 at least its a true quad core with 8 threads. Plus sli mobile GPU setups help alot
  4. Traciatim said:

    Well there's yer problem right there.

    but still tl something to improve my fps nd also tell me about mantle.
  5. There is nothing you can do to your laptop to magically increase FPS. Its a low powered laptop. It is not a gaming laptop nor should it be considered, or used as one. If you want better performance, you have to pay for it. Not wish it so or hope you can do it. No one needs to tell you about Mantle, there is tons of information about it already. Stop being lazy and do the research yourself.
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