Hoping to get a DVR set up, have a small issue

(long time lurker, thanks to everyone for all the problems I have been able to fix in the electronic world due to reading through these forums) First post for me! :)

I have a older computer with Win7 on it. I want to use my 32" Philips TV with this computer in the Bedroom.

It only has HDMI, Component, and Composite inputs. I saw no 3.5mm sound port, or VGA.

My computer has no onboard graphics, and the GPU only has DVI.

I ordered a 3.5mm cable to RCA:

And I will be using an DVI to HDMI adapter for the video. My concern is that I can not use my TV speakers for the RCA sound. Since the TV will be listening on the HDMI port, and not using the RCA (yellow and white) port for sound.

Anyone know if the TV will be smart enough to pick it up?

The other option I thought of was using outside speakers. I have a small iPod dock that has an AUX on it, but the sound will be bad.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. There is no reason why this should not work. A lot of graphics cards come with DVI-to-HDMI adapter packed in, although I would go for DVI-HDMI cable (one less thing to go wrong / disconnected).
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    1) There may be a setting somewhere in your TV's set up to force audio from the analog ports. Check your manual for that.
    2) What graphics card do you have? It may actually support audio over DVI
    3) If not, what's the possibility of installed a different graphics card with native HDMI? Even something like this card would work.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks for replies. I'l try the 3.5mm first, since I already ordered it, and it will be handy to have.

    If that doesn't work I'll just get a cheap GPU with HDMI. Thanks guys!
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