Computer turns off after 15 minutes following repair

Hello, I recently dismantled and cleaned the fan of my laptop. I also changed the thermal paste of the computer. After turning it on, everything is in working condition. However, after about 15 minutes the computer screen goes blank and then the computer shuts off. I can turn it on again right after, however. It seems to go into sleep mode as opposed to shutting off completely.

Additionally, the fan is acting in weird in that it slowly gets louder and louder until it gets really loud and then gets softer right after this point. This cycle continue to happen until the computer just shuts down. Any suggestions? The only real issue I had when dismantling was that I think I put some of the screws in the wrong places. (Bigger screws in smaller holes and smaller screws in bigger screws). However, messing with that a bit, I think I solved this issue. However, this has not solved the issue.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!
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  1. Sounds like your machine is overheating. What does the event log say?
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    The system is definitely over heating. Laptops have different requirements when you change the thermal paste. I assume that there was a thermal pad between the heat sink and the processor/graphics card. There is probably a large cap between the two which is why they used a thermal pad and the paste is not making good contact between the two causing your over heating. Can you take off the heat sink and confirm that the paste is spread evening across the processor? If not the issue is what I described above.
  3. Yup, the log says that the system was hibernated after a critical thermal event. The thermal paste was well spread out, but was a very thin layer (I thought it only needed to be a thin layer?) I will check the heat sink once again and get back to you guys. Thank you so much for your guy's help!!!
  4. Thermal paste should be a very thin layer. Does this computer have a dedicated graphics card too? Did you apply paste to both of them?
  5. No, there is no dedicated graphics card for this computer. I only applied thermal paste to the heat sink that connects with the CPU.
  6. What kind of thermal paste did you use? Tooth paste?

    It sounds like you did everything right. I would try re-applying the thermal paste using the rice method. You may of tried to spread it out yourself but that creates air pockets under the heat sink.
  7. The thing is that I'm abroad at the moment in Latin America. I bought thermal paste at a store, and I asked if it works for computers. They call it silicon grease here. It seems like it is the correct thermal paste, but maybe it's of bad quality? I am out right now, but I will mess with the thermal sink and report back later. Thank you so much for your help!!!
  8. It is probably the thermal paste that you are using. All jokes aside you can try using tooth paste if you have nothing else at your disposal..
  9. I put more thermal paste and really pressed down on the area. It seems to have fixed it for now. Thank you so much for your help!
  10. Great news! Glad you were able to get it working!(:
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