Is Folding@Home Safe?

I downloaded the client and now my CPU and GPU is running at max. I opened Task Manager and GPU-Z and they're both running at full utilization/clock speeds. Is this safe?

CPU is around 55 degrees and GPU is at a constant 57 degrees.
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  1. It's what it does. Not worth the environmental impact of global warming IMO.
  2. your temps seem fine.

    but it's up to you to decide whether or not your contributions to F@h are worth it to you personally.
  3. Is it safe to run hardware at full usage for days/weeks as long as temperatures are stable?
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    Yes it is safe as long as you are running them at a safe temperature.
  5. It's no worse than mining. A lot of machines are utilized fully in various industries. Make sure your PSU is up to par.
  6. Okay thanks, I'll let it run for a few hours. If everything is fine after that then I'll just let it run for a while.
  7. be aware that this may cause your electric bill to go up, especially if your PSU is inefficient.
  8. I have a Corsair HX650W PSU rated at 80+ Gold. On the hierarchy chart thing it's at Tier 2, which is apparently highly efficient.
  9. How old is it? HX is good, but if it's getting to 5 years old you should replace if you are serious about Folding.
  10. It's only 5 months old. I built the PC back in February.
  11. It should be plenty strong then.
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