Screen freezes and goes black for a few seconds in-game. (New GTX 780 GHz)

Hi all, I've recently been having an issue with what I assume to be GPU, I've posted about it on other forums with no success (or replies) at all. However I've heard it may MAY be an nvidia issue, but I think that may just be wishful thinking.

On occasions when playing certain video games (through steam) the screen will freeze briefly, turn black and then recover and resume gameplay as normal, not even 2 minutes into gameplay. I run far-more graphic intensive games (eg. Skyrim + mods/ENB & Wolfenstein: New Order in comparison to Orcs Must Die 2 and Left 4 Dead 2) without any issue whatsoever for much longer periods of time, so what could this indicate?

Update: Was playing a game just earlier without hitches for 1-1.5 hours before the issue started to appear, it got more and more frequent eventually resulting in a total system freeze.

I've tried clean installing and updating my nVidia drivers and even checking for things like a new Direct X version, even trying to disable things like V-Sync and AA through nVidia control panel/game settings but neither of these were the answer to my problem.

Here are my system specs:
Mobo: Gogabyte GA-990FXA-D3
CPU: AMD FX 8350, Cooling: CM Hyper 212 EVO
GPU: New Gigabyte GTX 780 Ghz edition.
PSU: New Seasonic XP-760 Platinum 760W
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4gb) 1600Mhz

Tried the powermizer registry tweaks and disabling steam overlay. Both yielding no results.
Also kept speedfan open, temps never range over 55c even under extreme load.
Furmarked max settings for a solid 10 minutes, temps hit 80c and didn't budge from there, no hiccups or issues at all.

To do:
Try a variety of other stress tests and see what happens.
Try disabling firewalls/AV and see what happens.
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  1. One of the problems is that you don't have a power supply.
    What cpu cooler is fitted?
    What ram make and model?
    What make and model gtx780?

    Post your complete build - per forum guidelines.

    Have you tried a different graphics card?

    Can you download and run HWInfo - Sensors and post the results - usually 3 screenshots in TinyPic or similar.
  2. i7Baby said:

    Can you download and run HWInfo - Sensors and post the results - usually 3 screenshots in TinyPic or similar.

    I've updated the build a little to include CPU cooling and PSU, also brand of GPU and Memory.
    Here is what I hope to be the sensors you asked for.

  3. OK - build is OK. Sensors report is OK too - CPU, PSU, GPU

    Can you -

    Run Checkdisk on your HDD

    Download and run Memtest on your ram

    Have you tried another graphics card?

    What games are doing it?

    You might need to leave Sensors running while you're playing. I have a feeling something's getting hot. Then check the results, especially gpu and cpu temps and voltages against what you've posted.
  4. I haven't tried another card, no. But my prior card, a GTX 760 didn't have these problems. However I don't feel it's an actual hardware issue as it's only on certain games, and the fact that as stated previously more graphics intensive games run without any hitches for hours.

    The only games that have done it to me so far are:
    -Orcs Must Die! 2
    -Left 4 Dead 2
    -Painkiller: Hell and Damnation

    But I feel there will be others that have the same issues.

    As for heat problems, I left speedfan open when the issue occurred and it was sitting happily at 62c. Opened an intensive game and sat a little higher without issues, Furmarked it up to 80c with no issues either. I'll open up sensors and check voltages later though.

    Will conduct a Memtest/Chkdsk now.
  5. The I suggest you try another card if Memtest runs OK.
  6. I was having same problem and was completely lost, figured I would never fix it. As a last ditch effort, I changed my HDMI cable, and that fixed everything. I recommend you try the same.
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