CPUID HWmonitor giving odd reading?

I recently discovered CPUID's HWMonitor software, I am in love with the program because not only does it tell me my CPU socket temps, but also my CPU core temps & all my other necessary temps.

However, ever since I downloaded it, there's this one reading on it that strikes me as odd.

It's the TMPIN2 reading. It CONSTANTLY reads 128°C ever since I installed it. I was just wondering what this reading means? And why it never changes, and reads so high?

I'm assuming it's false, because if any part of my PC were actually 128°C it would surely cause a hell of a lot of problems.
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  1. Software monitoring can still be buggy and it is not always accurate. It is false else the cpu will shut down due to safety measures put in place.
  2. Hwm is a 3rd party software and tries to be compatible with every company which configs their mobos differently. So it may just read a sensor that is not really a temp sensor and display it. You can ignore it.
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