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Hi there guys, I have a relatively small MoBo, it's a MicroATX Board (FM2-A55-E33) and it only has 2 SATA ports, which in my case I cannot use them for this dual setting (SDD + HDD) because I have a HD 7770 already in one slot, and the current HDD I'm using it in the other slot, also up to mention that I cannot use my DVD-Drive because of this problem (If I wanna use the DVD-Drive I would then have to remove the GPU, Which I cannot since I currently use it for gaming) so it's quite a situation for me as you can see.

So my question is, I found out about a 3WARE CBL-Something multiple-connection SATA cable, Can I use it and plug it in one slot on the MoBo and use the end-sata connections to connect the other hardware so finally they all plug-in together?

Thanks for any responses! :D?


To shorten your answers and make it easier, I have just learned and understood that this cable I mentioned above, is not an actual "Multilane" SATA cable, it's a SAS cable for a SAS Controller, so long story short, I cannot use it like the way I was asking... So any other possible solution for me, other than upgrading my MoBo?
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  1. Your GPU has nothing to do with the 2 SATA ports.

    You have 3 drives, and 2 ports. HDD, optical, and SSD.

    Possible solution:
    Get an external DVD drive. Freeing up the other SATA port for the SSD and HDD.
  2. How is a GPU in a sata port???? Please explain?

    Do you mean PCIe slots????
  3. I am completely lost as we the others in this thread, I just wanted to point out that you have 4 SATA 2 ports.

    If you google the model number that is the number of ports. Unless you have given us the wrong model you should have no issue with an SSD, a HDD and a DVD drive.

    The GPU sits in the PCI-E slot and has nothing to do with the SATA.

    I think you may be getting some of your wording mixed up, but hopefully this helps you.
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    Hi AxDSan92
    Your HD 7770 is a graphics card an belongs in your pcie slot on your mothorboard
    If you have another card in these other PCIE or PCI slots thats fine
    Your HDD and SSD have nothing to do with the PCIE or PCI slots and are plugged into sata / ide power connectors from your PSU to power the HDD and SSD.
    They also have another cable to the HDD and SSD which is the data cable witch connects to the sata/ide ports from your motherboard.
    If you are meaning that you have no more sata ports available on your motherboard and you have no more room for another card for sata on your pcie/pci slots then your only option is to buy an external drive case like this ,

    to put the drives in and connect them via usb ,

    if not you can buy a HDD dock that plugs into your usb such as this one
  5. LOL YEAH!! My horribly Bad-Move right there! lolz! I'm loling so hard and I'm sooo sorry for you guys that were breaking their heads so too! I was actually getting confused with the CARD BEING LARGER and covering ONE slot over the SATA ports XD, SO I was confusing it with the card actually TAKING a slot as connected! LOLOLOLOL, Well... you know YoloSwag LOL! xD Sorry guys really sorry XD

    Anywaaaays aahaha~! *deep breath*

    Well since the problem is the card being bigger.. I guess I will have to end up upgrading the darned MoBo XD - or, if you guys could help me out, on the quest of trying to get some type of cable, multiplier, adapter or whatever in order to extend those connections.

    Anyways...Regarding to mickeyphoenix's response... Will this work out?
  6. yes it will work fine :)
  7. mickypheonix said:
    yes it will work fine :)

    Alrighty thanks pal :D
  8. you are most welcome , i hope it all goes well for you , all the best
  9. You could always try a right angle SATA cable, it will mean you can use one of the two covered ports if there is room.
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