HD7950 underclock doesn't stick with MSI Afterburner. Better program?

I've been having GSOD issues with my factory OC'd Gigabyte HD 7950 at 1000/1250 recently. I'm thinking it's a voltage issue, so I've tried bringing the clocks down to 900/1250.

However, when Afterburner restarts, the core clock setting is back to 1000Mhz.

Why isn't it staying at 900Mhz? Is there a better program to do all this (along with temperature-based fan control and voltage control)?
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  1. You have to go into Afterburner's settings and select the option for that to stick. I don't have AB handy right now, so I can't exactly remember what it is called or where it is precisely. But look around.
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    at the very bottom of afterburner there is a little message that says "apply overclocking at system startup," click on that so a little green dot is next to it
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  4. There we go! Now to see if my card is faulty (but that's a different story).
  5. Wineclaw said:
    There we go! Now to see if my card is faulty (but that's a different story).

    Have you tried uninstalling the gfx driver and running Driver Sweeper from safe mode to remove any remnants of AMD and Nvidia drivers in the registry?

    How about running CCleaner?
  6. I ran Driver Sweeper before installing 14.4 thinking maybe the driver was the cause of GSOD. Turns out it wasn't and Gigabyte has accepted my RMA today. The tipping point was seeing splotches of RGB before a complete blackout of my screen during a game of BF4. Freaked me out.
  7. It could be the card or the MB. Hard to be sure unless you can try a different card in your MB... or your card in a different PC. My guess is the card.
  8. I've got an old 8800GT lying around somewhere. If I find it, I'll test that out.
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