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When i download unzip and try to run the various drivers for the maximus vi hero chipset, audio, etc it seems to be messing up my computer (i installed a graphics driver and all it did was mess up my computer. I was just wondering do they even need to be installed because my computer is working fine and the LAN is working fine (i'm typing this on the computer right now). Also could you link me to the right ones to install because there seems to be a bunch of them. Lastly how exactly do i install the drivers as this is my first pc i built and i mostly used macs before this. Thx
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  1. try this link for the drivers

    just use the latest version listed

    after downloading, just run the .exe and install, it should install to the device automatically. If it doesn't you may need to go into the device mgr and update driver and select source to where you downloaded driver to.
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    Hi Fightclub2014
    i answered this in your other thread ,
    to install these drivers double click on them to open and click on setup.exe
    install bios update first
    chipset drivers
    VGA drivers
    Sata Drivers
    USB drivers
    Audio drivers
    Lan Drivers

    then the drivers for your graphics card i linked you to .
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