Eee pc 900-.99mb ram-4 gig hd-1.60 intel atom

Hello and thanks for taking to time to read me. :)

I recently acquired this little thing and its pretty fast for such a small thing. Only thing is that it has windows xp on it and its kind of buggy.

I have no clue about linux or which distribution would be best for it and I guess I have to install it from a usb stick.? I have an 8 gig usb stick.

What I want to use this thing for is just to surf the web while outside. Maybe watch youtube videos and post to ebay maybe watch the news while im sitting outside.

Any suggestions on a linux version that will meet my needs and easy to figure out how to install from a usb stick?
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  1. Xubuntu or Lubuntu
  2. Thanks skittles but after reading about those 2 the system reqs for them both seem to be way too large.?
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    Lubuntu has 128mb ram minimum.

    Maybe try puppy Linux if you don't have much RAM..

    Honestly your going to have a hard time opening a browser with flash content in only 128mb ram though
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