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I've recently build a gaming pc and would like to purchase a headset to enhance my gaming experience. I'm not sure about whether I should get stereo or surround sound. I don't play much FPS games, but if I do, surround sound would be nice. But I heard that these headsets do not have such high quality sounds. I don't chat much as well, but it would be nice to have a mic in case I do. My brother owns a G430 and I don't really have the best experience with it.

Which headphones or headset should I get? I am looking for one that would make the gaming experience great and also listening to music while surfing the web awesome. Good bass is a big factor. I am considering the ATH-M50S with a clip on mic, but was wondering if the quality is worth the $107 (as of now, excluding the possibly $7 clip on mic), or a gaming headset (G930?). Not much of a fan of red, preferring blue. Buttons are really unnecessary on the G930.

On a side note, should I get a sound card? Would this enhance anything? I'm not much of an audiophobe, but enough to tell the difference between good and bad quality sounds.
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    When you compare a headphone and a headset, headphone will win in audio quality, but this can depend on the headset/headphone you are comparing. Generally, headphone will win.

    If your setup can have both headset and headphone, go with a headphone+mic option.

    ATH-M50S is a good choice. If you like bass you might also like ATH-WS99 as well.

    ATH-M50S $109

    ATH-WS99 $212

    G930 is wireless and I wouldn't recommend wireless headset/headphone. In the long-run they just cause way more trouble compared to a wired set.

    Sound card will definitely improve audio, but is it necessary? I don't think so. If you have the money, go for it. I personally would say sound card is a must have for audiophile and professional audio work.

    Additional note:
    ATH-M50S is flat frequency(studio headphone) while ATH-WS99 has some frequencies enhanced(audiophile headphone).
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