Is there a case that can easily house a full sized PC mobo and an Xbox One mobo?

Okay, so I'm not entirely sure if this is where to post, I'm new here and need some help.

Basically, I'm 14 but I've done a fair few computer builds. My dad has been building and fixing computers for around 15 years now. He's taught me a fair bit about computers and the such. Now, I'd like to challenge myself a bit and come up with a way to combine an Xbox One and high-end gaming PC into one machine. They would be running off of a single PSU(Preferably), be put together in a single case(Duh), and would be switched between via a KVM switch if on the same monitor, but could also be run together on seperate monitors(Is that possible?). But basically, where I'm stuck at right now is finding a single case that isn't monstrously sized, but could fit both of the motherboards in it comfortably, allowing room for the graphics card(s), sound card, cooling system, etc. For the moment this is just a theoretical build, but I've been told that if I can find a way to make enough money to actually do it, then I have the go ahead on actually doing it. For now, does anyone know of any case that might work?
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  1. I dont think there is a case that can hold two motherboards.
  2. n3cw4rr10r said:
    I dont think there is a case that can hold two motherboards.

    It would obviously have to be modified, but I'm trying to find a case that would not have to be as heavily modified.
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    I apologize, there is a case that will fit 2 motherboards.
  4. It might be something you have to mod yourself. Here is a blog link I found when looking to do something similar. This guy shoved an xbox and a ps3 into a single case.
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