Best Video card for intel Mac Pro DDR2 800MHz?

Please help me with this issue^ I need to buy a video card for my intel mac that is working with 10GB of DIMM DDR2 800Mhz, I use this mac for Editing movies (films), I need the best graphics card I can get because I work in After Effects often and in Final Cut Pro (professional movie editing software) price doesn't matter. Please help me with which Graphics card to buy. I heard Radeon 5870 HD is good but I'm not sure if it's compatible with my Mac, 5870 works with DDR3. There are only a few people who have Mac systems in my country and therefore they don't sell mac parts in the markets here, we are going to buy from our neighbour China. Please help if you can.
Thanks in advance
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    If it is a 2008 Harpertown/Penryn model that takes 800Mhz RAM like you mentioned, then the best video card available is the Quadro K4000.

    Its quite expensive, but you can get a HD 5870 for around 400 bucks.
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