Need Resident Evil 4 1.0.0 exe file?

Here's the problem: I recieved a European copy of 'Resident Evil 4' from Amazon, installed the game and was greeted with terrible lag from the fog, shadow and so it goes. And with the terrible port comes no graphical settings what-so-ever outside of the basic screen resolution and the game is already patched and I need to downgrade it to its primative state, yet I can't find exe files anywhere that will help me with my goal. I've tried several threads with the same problem, yet every messager with the exe file personal messaged the link of file instead of sharing it with the rest that have the same problem as the man who started the thread. And so it goes. So please, does anybody have a link or anything that will equipped me with the massive hardcore power of the 1.0.0 exe file? Thank you for your time.
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  1. Have you considered using a ps2 emulator instead?
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