does your rig heat up the room its in?

this is my first custome build pc and i was wondering if anyone elses did this. at night with the ac on ill walk around the house and its the same temp everywhere except where my pc is its WAY hotter in that room even tryed switching the room it was in and it did it in that room also both being roughly 10x10 rooms... air 540 case h100i cpu and cirectcuii gpu
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  1. Yep, my PC doubles as a space heater in the winter.
  2. Yeah any heat produced has to go somewhere aka the room it's in. You could shut it off at night if you don't want it doing that.
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    Yes. Computers are 100% efficient at converting electricity to heat.

    However, at idle, it shouldn't be using much power (and thus not putting out much heat).

    It's less the cooling and more the components themselves.
  4. My gaming laptop does this when it's crunching on the CPU & GPU for Seti or Folding@home. But when idle it doesn't take much power. Your computer shouldn't take much when idle.
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