How do i reboot my windows xp gateway laptop without a driver disk

I need to reboot my computer of all files and i think i need a drivers disk but i dont because my moms boyfriend gave it to me when i was 10 and he i asked if he had a driver disk and he didnt. What do i do?
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    Firstly, before you go formatting the computer , go to the Gateway site and seek support & drivers for the Model that you have.

    Now check your Device manager and download all the required drivers from the website and save onto a USB stick.

    Once you're sure you haven't missed out on any of the drivers, you are good to go.
    Have a Windows Installation disc handy and go about resetting the whole rig.

    PS: And I think instead of just rebooting you mean resetting the whole rig to the way it was the day you bought/got it.
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