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everything is going wrong with my new build please help i'm new to windows in general

Last response: in Systems
June 7, 2014 12:11:33 AM

Help my new build has been lagging like crazy and and I'm getting WHEA uncorrectable errors indicating a hardware failure and i've opened my case up and checked everything and i just can;t find anything wrong. I've also run a windows memory diagnostic and my ram is fine. If neede my specs are,: i7-4770K, GTX-780SC, 16gb Kingston memory, Crucial 240gb ssd, 1tb hdd, 650 watt power supply, Asus Z87 pro mobo, and a cooler master haf xb lan box. I consider myself tech savvy and built this rig without any real issues, but i'm getting crashes, things lag, and games stop responding I have all the latest up to date drivers installed and nothings working. I'm still new to windows and i'm just confused. If it helps I'm running windows 8.1, have 2 1900x1200 monitors in use, and windows is installed on my ssd
June 7, 2014 12:36:31 AM

I'm going to suggest you check your CPU heatsink mounts, ensure they are all locked down firmly. Also check your cables (power and data) to ensure they are firmly connected
June 7, 2014 12:42:49 AM

list your stop codes that you get. Probably easier to take a picture and upload the picture vs trying to write it down.
Also while waiting for that make sure you have the latest Graphics Driver, I would download Corsair SSD Toolbox and make sure your Hard Drive Firmware is up to date, Check your BIOS version update as needed by looking at the changelogs for each version after yours to see if a problem that you are experiencing was addressed, (or update to the latest)

(I would also disable the 1TB HDD and make sure that isnt the problem by testing the system with it unplugged.)

Lastly you said you ran a scan on your memory and you have 16GB. The windows test isnt robust enough for me. Download Memtest and test one or two sticks at a time and let it run for several hours on each set that you put in. I let Memtest run on average 6-10 passes for each stick of ram I have ever used. There have been plenty of times the first 6 passes had no errors then on the 7th pass bam 10 errors. (bad stick)

But with that stop code you will be able to get a slightly more useful starting position to find your problem.
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