My Headset microphone is not working


I've recently bought new headset(Genius HS-G500V) and everything worked fine...

Suddenly the mic stopped working and I tried loads of things like connecting to another PC(didn't work). I also connected another mic to computer and it worked. Once I recorded microphone and shouted as much as I could and between noise heard that shout very quietly.
I checked if it was muted and while recording myself I noticed that if I pull the wire(the bit near headphones and mic) a bit it creates noises... Anyone???

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    You've messed it up, go buy a new one now, and ,don't tug on those wires. You need to use equipment the way it's supposed to be used, that's why they waste all that time, money and paper on a user manual for do's and don't's.... mainly, you jerked the wire while suddenly getting up while the headphones were connected to the rig, pulling the cord and ending up breaking the contacts on the inside. Now that sound that you hear every time you move that wire , is of a loose contact.
  2. Well, at least i know that its over...
  3. Sorry for posting on solved thread but I disassembled the part of headphones and soldered two wires that where broken but didn't seem to really work...

    It doesn't make any kind of noises (only when moving mouse).
  4. It's not necessary that you've broken the wires just in one place.... there could be two to three places from where the wires broken, both end especially, one where it connects to the earpieces and the other at the 3.5mm jack end the third place could be anywhere in between.
    So it's pretty much not worth it trying to get those things to work....
    By the way what soldering iron did you use to solder the wires?? Using a high wattage solder iron will end up breaking the earpiece speaker altogether since excessive heat is going to kill the magnets inside... :(
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