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How to stop websites from opening automatically in browser?

For past few days i am facing this problem. Automatically new sites open my browser when i am connected to internet.

This links opens:

and then take me to either of the following websites:


I was using IE11 since i have installed Windows 8.1. I was so annoyed by the ads so i installed adblock(adplusplus) for it. I guess that adblock was malacious. I have already removed that adblocker but i still gets these automatic popup.

Now i have choosen chrome as my default browser so these popup sites open in chrome. I am also using popup blocker but they are still opening on their own.

Please help me to fix this problem. Reply only if you know an answer that can totally fix my problem. Don't act oversmart an waste my time in giving me stupid answer.

Thanks in advance
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    You have malware, by the sounds of it. Get malwarebytes or similar to go over your PC.

    Also have a look through Control Panel>Programs and Features (might have changed in Win8.1), and remove AdPlusPlus or anything like that.

    Adblock is adblock; it sounds like you installed something that deliberately serves you more ads.
  2. Please don't dig up 1.5 year old posts unless you have a very very good reason, or you're the OP.
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