Need your expert opinion/recommnedation please

I really like both of these laptops (links below) and I can't seem to decide between them , they are both very similarly speced but HP is 163$ more expensive and i have a few questions that are not answered by merely comparing the specs, like :

1) is the difference really noticeable between 1080p and 1600x900? ( they both seemed to have really great brightness and colors)
2)Which do you think has the better sound system
3) which has better Cooling

I have read many reviews about the acer v3 but I didn't find any real indepth reviews of HP ENVY 17.

As for my use , it will be everyday stuff , multimedia and playing a couple of games (MMOs / RPGs and some recent or slightly older titles )

Acer v3-772g:

HP ENVY 17t-j100 (non leap version):!tab=specs

Which would you recommend and why?

Thank you
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  1. They are identical performance specs - i7 4702MQ and GT750M.

    I'd vote for the Acer because HP end up with faults being reported here a lot and HP don't provide enough detail to help solve problems. Also 1080p would be better.

    They both have crap cooling and sound. Get a laptop cooler and sound card if you really want to.
  2. Thanks for the opinion , but a little less informative :)
  3. Than what?
  4. Best answer
    Putting it simply:
    get the $163 cheaper Acer.
    Acer have better build quality than HP
    Yes the difference is noticeable between 900p and 1080p
    Sound card's are rarely a thing, they normally all use the basic dynaudio or another standard. On anything below £1500 Sound cards normally suck.
    a quote from the HP review about cooling: "It is almost impossible to convert a video or play a game when the laptop is resting on the thighs. The user would have to wear thick, insulating pants for this."
    The acer has very similar temperatures - just the review doesn't feature a funny quote.
    reviews for both these products are here:
    Hp envy:
    Acer v3:

    TL;DR get the acer.
  5. Yep, thanks guys ,acer it is then .
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