not familiar with this motherboard trying to find a decent cpu for it

I have the FM2-A55M-E33 motherboard in a machine and I have a Amd A-Series APU A4-4000 3200 1MB 65W in it. The cpu is being pegged out on both cores quite a bit and I need more cpu power to it if I can for a decent price.

Can anyone suggest a good cpu for a decent price for this motherboard? It's a secondary computer that I use for plex so I really don't want to put alot of money into it.

It'd be nice to get a 6 core cpu if possible but a 4 core would do.

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  1. do you need integrated graphics ?
    if not get athlon 740 ...
    i would normally recommend 750K/760K but they are more expensive and
    your board has low quality VRM for overclocking anyway ...

    if you need integrated GPU get some cheap FM2 quad core with on board gpu ...
    for example a8 5500 will do ...
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    You are looking at $100+ for a good upgrade.
    Here is one:
    I would not spend much on such an upgrade. You might find something cheaper on ebay.
  3. Yeah I see your guys' points. I don't see paying that much for this motherboard. I'll prob pull it and put my gigabyte motherboard in it and get a better cpu.

    Thanks all!
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