Which case should I get?

Hello there,
I was just wondering out of these cases which is the best to get taking into account the following; price, looks, quietness, airflow.

The cases are as follows:
-Bitfenix Ronin ($99)
-Corsair Carbide 200R ($85)
-Corsair Carbide 300R ($109)
-NZXT Phantom 410 ($125)

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  1. The Phantom 410
  2. They all have the same basic layout, but I'd go with either the Carbide 200 or 300. Depending on your CPU cooler setup, those case would give you the best option for mounting the radiator. And if you are air cooling, they give you the most fan mounts as the side panel can have 2x 120mm fans on them.

    On noise, the Bitfenix looks like it would be the quietest in its stock state since the side panel isn't open. But, depending on if you replace all the fans with high quality quiet ones and get a controller you can make any of these cases very quiet.
  3. @cub_fanatic Alright thanks, do you think the 300R is worth getting for an extra $15 or so or should I grab the 200R.
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    Lachington said:
    @cub_fanatic Alright thanks, do you think the 300R is worth getting for an extra $15 or so or should I grab the 200R.

    They are almost identical with very slight design changes like the front panels and the 300R has 3x holes on the back for a custom liquid cooling loop. If you are not planning on a custom liquid cooler, then the 200R is probably all you'll need. The 300R's front panel looks like it would give you much improved air flow since the fans are exposed but this could also be at the sacrifice of noise. They both have USB 3.0 front panel connectors while according to the newegg description the 200R has 8 fan mounts in total and the 300R only has 7. I'm not exactly sure where that extra fan is, I am guessing there might be an extra mount on the bottom which would probably be blocked by the PSU anyway if there are two there. If it were me, I always go for the cheaper one when it comes to cases since they have very little effect on performance. Since both seem to have good airflow and give you the option of a 120/240mm closed loop liquid cooler the cheaper 200R would be the one I'd choose. If you want slightly better intake air flow and/or a custom LC, then you might as well go with the 300R.
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