Looking for help with a Noisy Fan

The issue at hand is a fan that became noisy (a consistent whine) after changing memory. Looking for suggestions if it is a BIOS issue or if it is coincidental with the memory change.


I have an ACER Veriton VX4618-G UI5240W desktop, and it has performed reasonably well for the 2 1/2 years I've owned it. But physical memory usage has been running between 70-80% pretty consistently. It is running Windows 7 Pro.

Not realizing the OS limitation on memory, which I've since come to understand, I bought and installed new memory on this machine. It came with 4GB, and (dummy me) I installed 16GB (4GB in each of the four slots). As soon as I turned on the machine, Windows 7 Pro started up just fine, but the fan is making loud, consistent noise. I've re-installed the original memory (2 x 2GB), and the noise remains. I've cleaned it, and never heard anything like it a coincidence or is there a BIOS setting that got tweaked by the new memory, that I might try fixing?

ANY help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Generally the fan speed is managed by the motherboard (which does not lead to whinning noise) and it might just be a coincidence with your memory installation.
  2. Hi rsleonard
    I think it is only coincidence this has happened , you may be able to go into your bios and turn down the rpm of the noisy fan to make it quieter
    if this does not silence the fan it may be time to replace it for a new fan
  3. Ended up being the power supply, not the fan...ACER customer support was EXCELLENT (Level 2 in Texas) in getting us a repacement FAST. Thanks to AcerAmerica!
  4. Best answer
    well done m8 , i am happy you sorted out your problem , hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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