BSOD when launching/playing steam games only

If been getting Blue screens everytime right when I launch a steam game or when I close it or during playing. BUT only steam games, when I launch minecraft or Battlefield 3 no problem.

Technical information on bluescreen:

Anyone knows a fix?
I already moved my steam location from my ssd to my hard drive.
Its been for months now, can't find any fix on the internet :c
Please help me
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  1. Anyone please?
  2. Please help me
  3. if you can post the memory dump (.dmp) file on a cloud server like skydrive or google docs
    i can take a quick look.

    - often cause by graphics driver using too much memory for its drivers or passing a bad address to a driver.
    (update graphics driver in that case)
  4. My memory dump is 900mb atm and I can't open it with anything since it so big. So Ill delete current one and force myself an other blue screen I suppose? Since it only happens with steam games.
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    Is it on any Steam game or specific ones? I'm wondering if Dota 2 is involved? Have you tried uninstalling Steam altogether? and as Johnbl has suggested, try updating your graphics drivers. Are you using AMD Catalyst by chance?
  6. Yes I'm using AMD, I'm using latest drivers and it is with any steam game, but only a steam game. If I play BF3 in high or ultra or custom it gives me no issue or bluescreen. But if I play ace of spades a pixel game (steam) it does give bluescreen. Only with steam games it seems.
  7. I would completely uninstall Steam and your AMD Catalyst drivers and reinstall them. Make sure you're running the stable version of Catalyst and not the beta package that they offer. Do your graphics drivers first before re-installing Steam
  8. 900mb memory dmp is fine, it is a image of a portion of the drivers that were loaded in the RAM of your machine. You can copy it as a file and I can use the windows debugger to look at it and see what windows thinks the problem is.
  9. johnbl said:
    900mb memory dmp is fine, it is a image of a portion of the drivers that were loaded in the RAM of your machine. You can copy it as a file and I can use the windows debugger to look at it and see what windows thinks the problem is.

    Still getting my issue..... anyone knows a fix for this? :c
  10. generally, a bugcheck in win32k.sys is not a graphics problem.
    win32k.sys is a common target of malware and windows now does checks to see if it is modified.
    if it detect a change it did not make, it calls a bugcheck.
    in this case the driver could not read some data, most likely because its data was modified, and it bugchecked.

    -this can be caused by bad ram. (run memtest86 to test ram)
    - this can be caused by file corruption in win32k.sys
    (common on pirate versions of windows, and versions hacked by malware)
    run cmd.exe as a admin
    then run the system file checker
    sfc.exe /scannow
    this will scan core windows files on the hard drive for corruption and fix them with the backup copy.
    (problem is malware often modifies the back up copy)

    - this can also be caused by other drivers that rampage thru memory and write over other drivers data.
    programming mistakes in drivers. Lots of older versions do this. most often found with USB devices,
    and in particular USB wireless devices. to fix you have to update BIOS, install the current CPU chip set drivers for your cpu
    and try to find the current USB driver for your device. most of the time people will get a different bugcheck on each boot of the machine in the case of general memory corruption. (because windows loads drivers in different orders on each boot)

    if you post the memory.dmp file to a share it can be looked at with a debugger.
    if you have problems getting it, copy if from its current location to another location on your drive first. You may have only read writes to the file in the default location.
  11. I ran memtest86 and got no errors. I'll try to make a full memory dump and upload it here.

    My windows is...not genuine but its no issue when playing bf3 or minecraft or any other games beside steam. Also the sfc.exe/scannow gave nothing special.

    Edit: I can't seem to find my memory pc bluescreened but didn't gave me a memory dump in the location its set to make one.
    Also it seems that I get bluescreen from time to time if I do anything in full screen I notice. I mean play a movie full screen and click on my internet with my other monitor or play minecraft fullscreen and alt-tab. But only from time to time, with movie very rarely, I don't know if this is any help to you.

    I'll keep trying to get you a memorydump.

    Edit2: can't seem to get a memorydump sadly enough.... doesn't seem to make one when I get bluescreen thought I got these settings but my map memorydump or minidump keeps empty.

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