Can PSU Fit in Case?

I checked myself and it seems way too small. It looks like I can only get 1 screw in at a time.

My case:

I originally bought the PSU for my old computer build but it was too big :S. Do I need to buy a new PSU? I'm open to the idea anyways since I'm upgrading my CPU and graphics card so I believe I need more watts anyways. My cpu takes 125W and my graphics card says minimum 400W supply. Recommendations would be appreciated.
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  1. Your case takes a standard ATX PSU and the one you link is not a standard ATX size so you are right that it will not fit. From the limited info you give regarding power requirements, any good manufacturer 450Watt PSU will satisfy your needs as long as it is 80+ or better. BTW you do not add the 400W and 125W together, the GPU manufacturer is allowing for the platform needs too.
  2. Okay thanks. How do I check if the PSU is standard ATX size?
  3. The description will include 'ATX' or 'ATX12'
  4. In filter I see there's a Type filter for ATX and ATX12V, I'm guessing those are what I'm looking for. Should it be 12V?
  5. Your TFX format psu is intended for a small form factor case and low power usage.

    What graphics card will you be using?

    It might be possible to jury rig something. But, I would not bother to try.
    Seasonic is excellent quality. sell your unit on ebay and buy a standard ATX unit with the power you need.
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    Jackburg1 said:
    Okay thanks. How do I check if the PSU is standard ATX size?

    The rear dimensions will be 85mm tall x 150mm wide.

    The depth is variable, usually from 140mm to 180mm.
    This is the one I currently have. My old tower case was incredibly small. I wasn't able to use the Seasonic PSU because it has the same width as the tower :S
  8. You could use this Seasonic 400w unit:

    A Corsair CX is of lesser quality and is often on sale.

    Actually, I would overprovision and buy something in the 600w range like this :
    A stronger psu will run quieter and cooler. It will allow you to upgrade to a much stronger graphics card in the future.
  9. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. Thank you very much for the recommendations.
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