Advantages of DirectCU II and Asus RoG Motherboard

What would the advantage be of running a DirectCU II in a Republic of Gamers motherboard? I have heard there is an advantage. I was thinking gtx 760 and Maximus VII Ranger.
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  1. Their is none, its all marketing. Your Asus card is going to perform the same no matter what motherboard its put onto.

    Quite simply $100 is all you need to spend on a motherboard, something like this will cater for any reasonable need you could have of one.
  2. All marketing you say - I heard something about VGA Hotwire, supported only by rog motherboards and directcu/rog coolers - How does that work? And what if i were to step up to a 780 - would it matter? I know they have got some kind of hidden feature for this combo, just dont quite know what it is and if it is worth it.
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    VGA hotwire is a feature only on ROG boards, but doesnt require an ASUS card.

    This is how it works.
    Remember when I said "reasonable need" in my last post?

    Upgrading to a 780 will get you a 780's performance, which is a fair bit stronger than a 760. If your wondering how it will affect you in ways other than straight up performance, it wont.
    It really is just marketing. There is a reason why you have heard of this "ROG advantage" but arent able to actually quantify what it is.
  4. I know its a bit offtopic, but would pairing up msi gaming gpu and msi gaming motherboard have any features like vga hotwire on asus board?
  5. Quote:
    its all marketing
  6. manofchalk said:
    its all marketing

    Yes but i was talking about the msi stuff, if it has some kind of gaming app that connects the motherboard and the graphics card in a certain way - like Roccat Talk. More gaming features of you have from the same brand.

    It might all be marketing, but what is it then? I was asking if they had something equivalent, and not if it was just marketing - also thanks for taking for time helping me even though the question was solved.
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