Newly Built Rig - shuts off during intensive gaming *HELP*

Hello all, I recently built a rig with the following specs:

i7 4770k
2x r9 290
Silverstone Strider 850W 80+ Gold PSU
8GB Gskill Trident memory
500GB Samsung EVO SSD + 3TB HDD

I'm having an issue where the computer is shutting off during intense gaming(FC3, BF4) - no BSOD, just black screen shut off as if I turned it off via the power button. I can recreate this if I run Unigine + Prime95 as well.

My question is, should'nt this PSU be able to handle these specs? I have no problem getting a higher watt PSU, however, my wonder is if this PSU is defective or if it simply cannot handle the power?

GPU Temps stay well under 80 the whole time and the CPU doesn't go past 70 degrees either, so I highly doubt its a temp issue. Also, this happens whether I have the CPU and GPU's at stock settings or not, but it happens faster if I have a minor OC on each of the parts.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Run your PC at stock settings and try one video card at a time.
  2. Okay I will try that now, if i disable crossfire it doesn't seem to shut off, but I will physically move to 1 card 1 at a time.

    I also wanted to add that on occassion, after I shut down, the computer will black screen once I turn it on again and I have to shut it off once or twice before it will boot up properly.
  3. Single GPU's run fine on their own... I'm leaning towards a PSU issue, shouldn't this PSU be able to handle this though?
  4. I would return that PSU and getting some with more wattage, like 1000w.
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    Bought a 1300W EVGA PSU, problem solved, thanks all!
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