Connecting speaker to PC with SPDIF?

So as I was looking for a new set of speakers for my PC and I noticed that there were "digital input, optical" on the back of the speaker. I was specifically looking at the ONKYO WAVIO GX-D90 review.

Then checked the back of my PC and found a SPDIF out, which I assume is where the two plug together. Correct?

As someone with no knowledge on this I have to ask that is digital input/output the best way to transmit the best audio quality? Although I can't do any type of specific explanation I am assuming that digital is better than analog.

Just for bonus question, which speaker is better?


Logitech Z623
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    Yes your digital optical would be the best. You would need something like this. If you don't have one already.

    As far as the speakers go, I believe it's personal preference. I would bet on the onkyo's however.
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