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I have a notebook without HDD and i want to install Windows XP on a 16GB USB Flash Drive but i get some sort of BSOD that tells me to check my HDD...
So, what do i have to do to to my FlashDrive so i can install windows on it.
Sorry for my bad English.
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  1. Installing and running Windows from a flashdrive:
    1. A real PITA to get working (especially XP)
    2. Very, very slow if you do get it working.

    Windows is not made to run from a flash drive.
    There are various tutorials around, but it is not an easy proposition.
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    windows XP doesn't install over usb or in external drives. you could get it working but the hassle is not worth the effort. you'd be better off using the flashdrive for installing a free 32-bit linux distro (for example - ubuntu, mint, antix, puppy etc.) or 64 bit one if your cpu has 64bit support. then use WINE or any virtualization software to run any windows software if you must.
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