how to connect PCI Express power connectors to an internal ATX power supply

I just bought a nividia geforce GTX 760 graphics card and as I'm trying to install it I can not figure out where to plug the connectors into my desktop is a HP pavilion 500-070 please help
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  1. There should be pcie connectors coming out of the power supply, if there are not any you might have a modular power supply in which case it will say on the PSU where to plug the pcie power connector into. You then need to put the other end of the cable into the graphics card.
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    You have an HP, therefore you don't have a good PSU. That HP ships with a 300W PSU, it isn't going to have a PCI-e power connector, it doesn't have enough capacity to support one. You are going to need to swap out your PSU.
  3. Thanks for the help and I have already chosen a new PSU that I will be ordering soon
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