High tmpin3 and auxtin temp

I have as rock h77m, i5 3330, gtx780, 8gb ram, When running benchmarks all of my temperatures are within normal, gtx 780 up to 78c, i5 up to 62c in valley benchmark while using hwmonitor.
But auxtin and tmpin3 temp go up to 140c. I dont know what that means, should i be worried? help needed.
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    It's probably a malfunctional sensor or just a made up reading.

    For instance depending on HWInfo64 readings my auxtin3 temp is ranging from -23 to 240C. Fck knows what's that tmpin and auxtin temps are.

    Also don't rely on monitoring softwares. Always use more than 1-2 softwares since they tend to mess up often.
  2. I used asus gpu tweak, real temp, as rock extreme tuner, fanspeed and hwmonitor. All of those programs showed everything is ok except hwmonitor which also shows correct temperatures for everything except auxtin and tmpin3. As far as i know hwmonitor is the only software that shows auxtin and tmpin3. Damn sensors, i know that 99.9% everything is ok but that 0.1% is killing me. Need to know i guess.
  3. Don't worry it's fine. Those weird readings are pretty normal. Most probably it's just a made-up reading not even from a sensor.
  4. Thanks
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