Mouse and keyboard stops working after uninstalling AMD drivers?

I recently got a GTX 750 TI and uninstall all AMD drivers by accidentally. Now I can't use my mouse and keyboard when I reach the login screen on windows 8. How do I install the motherboard drivers?
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  1. Use a ps/2 keyboard if your MOBO supports it.
  2. Late reply but it happened to me yesterday on windows 8.1. The 14.6 beta driver uninstaller listed a lot of things including a USB Filter Driver. Wanted to install 14.7 beta and uninstalling 14.6 messed with usb drivers. Good on UEFI BIOS but upon booting nothing via USB works.

    Hopefully had teamviewer installed with unattended option on so fixed PC with mi iPad installing the 14.7 beta drivers over network (teamviewer mouse interactions worked!). Reboot and was fixed.

    Letting this info here so we get more curious about these tecnologies like VNC, TeamViewer and others that sometime save hours of troubleshooting.
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