fx 9370 @ 5ghz very low cinibench score

I just installed my new 9370 in my new rev 4.0 ga990fxa-ud3 board and after getting a stable clock of 5ghz I keep getting a very low cinibench cpu score of 360. I monitor voltage and speed and nothing is dropping during the bench. core voltage stays at 1.51-1.53 during bench and speed never drops. I have made multiple setting changes in the bios to no avail. Even when I turned off all the throttle setting, turned on/off HPC and put LLC to extreme, the bench score never changes. It is running in x64 as well. I know I should be getting around 800 score so something is obviously wrong. Any input is greatly appreciated.
Edit 1* Also wanted to mention had to upgrade mobo from rev 1.0 to rev 4.0 to run this cpu at proper speed. Installed new mobo to current win 7 install and everything boots fine and all drivers are installed fine. I previously ran a phenom x6 1055t at 4.1 ghz and it scored waaay better than this cpu so far.

Edit 2* Should also mention I'm running cpu on a h100 in a cool basement and temps are not a problem. Cpu barely makes it past 40c and old 1055 at 4.1ghz hit 46 with no problems on a rev 1 board and those are known for heat. Everything heat wise seems fine for me.
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  1. mmm... download OCCT; run the most challenging stress test you can on it, and watch the graphs closely, see if the cpu core frequency starts to drop. Most monitoring programs don't sample rapidly enough to catch it when a cpu is being throttled back due to temps or voltages or mb issues. lets be 100% certain your cpu isn't being throttled back... and at the same time lets be sure your overclock is stable.
  2. Open the Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL), Performance, then make sure all EIGHT graphs are shown.

    See how high the CPU usage is, and if the frequency is correct. Perhaps try some other benchmarks as well.
  3. So after a lot of testing with occt, it seems that 5ghz just wont run right on my board. After I dropped it to 4.82 ghz cinibench did a 743 score. I did do some changes to memory and up'd it to 350ns since I'm told that allows higher clocks. When I ran occt at 5ghz, It seemed it was halting on memory issues. Timings are 10 10 10 30 34 350ns. I know this cpu can do 5ghz no prob, just wondering if it could be a northbridge or hypertransport speed issue. NB is at 2200 and HT at 2410 @ 4.82 ghz. Any ideas how I can get a nice stable 5ghz, I feel it may be a memory issues holding me back. It is 1886 ram running at that speed. Currently doing only a multiplier oc and not fsb oc.

    Edit 1* Just a note, when I had 5ghz running stable without doing a cinibench, I ran watchdogs on max with two 770s oc'd and it ran for about 45 mins before pc halted. Only ran it once and been fiddling with oc since. My 780 watt psu seems to be handling power usage no problem so just cpu stress testing shouldn't be making any terrible demands on the psu.
  4. After getting another stable 5ghz clock it once again has a low cinibench score. Went from almost 800 cinebench @ 4.8ghz back to 357 @ 5ghz
  5. yeah... sounds like your cpu or something is throttling you back... likely cores are failing at that speed.

    Listen... the UD3 is a nice motherboard and some really good amd overclocks were made on it, however last i knew it doesn't have LLC control; which limits the level of overclock you're going to get. furthermore, there is some belief that it will throttle back a 9xxx series fx cpu due to it's mediocre voltage regulation.

    Here is a suggestion- ram timings shouldn't be played with till you have a stable overclock, so slow your ram down to ddr3 1333 level speeds, take it out of the equation... same with your HT and NB; either leave them at stock or slow them down to 2000. Work on this one step at a time. first lets get your system 100% stable at the clock speed you want

    So make sure turbo is off, all the power saving features are off, download Intel Burn Test-AVX; prime95 doesn't really work well as a stress tester for piledriver FX chips; and OCCT doesn't stress the cpu enough to tell you if it's really "stable" at that overclock. Set the cpu back to it's default speeds and vcore.

    run IBT-AVX to make sure it's actually stable at those settings. The hardest level it's got, let it run for 20 passes. Lets take all the variables out of this one. If any of the results are negative, the cpu failed the test. if the cpu throttled back (keep occt open to monitor the cpu frequence and temps) then something is overheating.

    If it passes the burn, (20 passes should take less then 2 hours) then you're gonna want to start to bump the multiplier up 0.5 till you get to 5.0ghz, or it fails to load. Once you reach your goal (5ghz) run IBT-AVX for 10 passes on high, it probably will fail... at that point you're going to have to start to bump your vcore. Keep a tight eye on temps, make sure occt is running, and do more IBT-AVX burns on high until it passes.

    Once you have your cpu dialed in, you can now bring up your ram speed. take it up to it's factory settings, then run another IBT-AVX burn, see if the system is stable. If it doesn't pass you'll have to add some voltage to the dram or nb... likely the dram though... piledrivers can need as much as +0.1-0.2V to over the stock voltage of the ram to stabilize.

    Then it's time for the NB/HT... the best "speed" for piledriver is typically found with the nb/ht with almost identical speeds... furthermore, 2600/2600 seems to be the "ideal" setting for them. Now not every motherboard can do this. I had an asus board that topped out at 2400 on the nb and 2600 on the HT. you're gonna have to test to see. If it fails an IBT-AVX burn you might need to bump the NT/HT voltage a bit until it passes. trial and error.
  6. Haven't had an issue with p95 here....I found it to be better at finding overclock errors than IntelBurnTest on my FX.
  7. not sure how you're running p95... i know it crashes on my fx8320 on any clock speed above 4.6ghz... 100% stable 24/7, yet it won't pass a prime burn... this is a pretty common problem for piledriver... once you get up around 4.4-4.8ghz... i think it has something to do with the FPU and how amd uses it.
  8. Thanks for the responses. Gonna be some delayed posts from me due to life. I've managed to get a stable 4.875ghz oc with the cpu so far. 1.536 volts and it hovers just lower or at that. HT at 2331 and same for NB. I upped my rams voltage like you said. It is stock 1.5 volts but I know it can handle up to 1.6 no prob. Had it at that for a long time in old build and never had heat issues. Now what is the max voltage I can go for this cpu? I am on a h100 in a high airflow case in a cool basement so processor even under bench doesn't even hit 44c. Hell old 1055t overvolted to hit 4.1 ghz only ever reached 46c in this case. Now with this crappy gigabyte board, I have noticed that voltages I set things to dont actually seem to stick. I put ram to 1.55 and it sits at 1.523 in bios. Cpu is the same as what ever i set it at doesn't seem to stick. There is LLC setting in my mobo. The settings are low, med, extreme, normal, and auto. Currently have it set to normal as extreme volts cpu really high and med is kinda low. Was gaming at this current setting last night for several hours no prob. All though right before I went to bed it froze. Checked the northbridge while it was still froze and damn thing was burning hot. I had it volted up but turned it back down to normal so that should stop some of the heat. I'll be on and off this forum for the next few days with help from you guys in trying to hit that 5ghz goal. I can game at 5 ghz but not for a very long time and cinebench works like crap till I hit the 4.875. So much crap this past weekend with work and my uncles funeral. Thanks for any advice given.
  9. generally you want LLC on the cpu set to extreme, and the LLC on the northbridge set to high...

    this helps combat "voltage droop" which plagues piledriver/bulldozer... i know it was "designed" to do it, but it hurts system stability when it happens.
  10. as to max voltage... piledriver can take pretty much whatever you throw at it. I get more worried about the motherboard when you pile on the voltage on these chips. Your only real limit with piledriver is TEMPERATURE. when that chip starts to hit 65C, or the socket on the motherboard gets around 72-75C you're at the end of your overclocking.
  11. I only have one LLC setting in my mobo, and it only seems to affect cpu as far as I know, could do more. So just set it to extreme?
  12. So I'm doing some burn tests with prime95 and the oddest thing is happening. The temp is sticking right on 40c and I'm showing 100% cpu usage, but only 2 cores are really doing any work. 2 will be on test 6 when the other 6 will barely be making it to test 2. Something is causing the cores in the cpu to just work slow. I wonder if its the cpu unlock feature in bios. Knowing gigabyte it's prolly doing something stupid. This cpu should be getting way hotter than 40c, and each worker in prime95 working at about the same rate. wtf is going on?
  13. I cant seem to figure out this damn motherboard. God damn is it a pain in my ass. I seem to have absolutly no control over voltage what so ever. The LLC settings for this board are confusing as all shit and the user manual doesn't even mention it in it even once, even though you can see a pic of it. Even if I set voltage to like 1.7 it sticks at 1.5 and durring stress test it drops to 1.488. If I set LLC to extreme it will use higher voltages but I always get a black screen of death. I have never had so much trouble with ocing before in my life. Any clues as to whats going on?
  14. ... well prime95 simply doesn't work for my fx 8 core... once i get to 4.6ghz it just crashes out no matter how much vcore i throw at it. Though the chip will pass any other stress test i throw at it. So i simply don't use prime95 on my piledriver.

    I use Intel Burn Test - AVX, which seems to do the job just fine.
  15. do you have cool n quiet disabled along with any other power saving features. You can usually turn those back on after you have found your stable overclock frequency and voltage.
  16. So I've managed to get to 5ghz and get cinebench to run with an almost 800 score. It wanted more power and with LLC turned to extreme I'm able to get voltages higher than 5.3. Had to turn up northbridge by a slight bit to get the CPU voltage to kick in. It’s really odd, I set CPU voltage at 1.478 and it idles at 1.500 and goes to 1.560 during stress test, but it's finally going higher. I'm currently trying to get a nice stable 5ghz, but not raise my NB voltage any higher as it gets hotter than hell. Don’t have a infrared temp taker so can’t tell what the temp is actually hitting. Currently raising other voltages ever so slightly such as cpu/pcie/pll but a smidge and hypertransport voltage ever so slightly. It’s getting more and more stable and can almost make it through a complete cinebench with no issues before locking up as usual. Ran out of time before I could test further before work. Another oddity is I set ram voltage to 1.75 and it holds at 1.6 which seems to be the sweetspot. That ram I have must be damn good ram because it never gets hot in the slightest, even when I used to take it to 1.6 volts, highest I've ever had it. When I get off work I'll try more.

    As for cool n quiet, of course I have that crap off. I turned on HPC (High performance computing), it seems to make it more stable at higher voltages and I turned off that APM crap as it seems to slow things down during stress tests.

    I noticed once I managed to get a functioning 5ghz clock that temps went up really fast. H100 wasn't kicking in fast enough and actually got a beep for a 60c warning I have set in bios and reset when that went off. Unplugged the fans from the pump which auto manages fan speed based on temp (it would react to CPU temps too slowly) and plugged them directly into the mobo(60c was due to hitting over 1.589 – 1.6 volts, crazy high). There loud as hell at max but during stress tests at 5ghz 1.560 volts it sticks right on 50c and might see a 51 or 52 after a long while. This CPU definitely gets hotter than my old 1055t that was volted to 1.45 volts 4.1ghz, and I thought that thing produced some heat. It sure as hell heated up slower than this 9370 does. Temps in speedfan bounce around like mad from as low as 9c to the bench temp.

    The vrm's get hot on this board and today I'm going to borrow my cousins infrared temperature gauge to find out what they’re sitting at. Oddest thing with this mobo, even when I had CPU voltage set high, cinebench would work like crap and even at 5ghz, would stick to a 1.53 volts max until just a smidge more voltage was added to northbridge. As stated before, I recently upgraded from a 1055t at 4.1 ghz and a 990fxa-ud3 rev 1.0 board. I had to due to the 8350 being the best CPU supported by it. That revision was so much easier to mess with overclocks in than the 4.0 I have now. Don’t believe it had a LLC setting in it but damn did it take a 2.8 ghz locked 1055t to 4.1ghz no problem, sad thing was it downclocked my nice 1886 ram.
  17. Don't expect too much, Remember the FX-9370 is just a higher clocked FX-8320/FX-8350. I hope AMD's new 8 cores are better, I really wanted one, But when I got my FX-8320 it was the same at 4ghz as my i5 750 was at 3.2ghz except it used more power, I may have got a bit more out if if I got a cooler and overclocked it more, But I did not want to spend extra money on what was supposed to be a budget value, So I sold it to a friend and I bought a i5 3470 for $189 and a TZ77A Motherboard for $63, So for a cheaper price I got a more powerful CPU that will run fine on the stock cooler at 3.8ghz on all cores. The hottest it gets is 58c under load ,62c running prime, My friend did make good use out of the FX-8320, He put a H100 on it and clocked at 4.4ghz, He really likes it, I was just expecting something that would beat a new i5 out of the box stock, I had no idea I was going to have to spend more. But the FX-9370 should be fine since it has a high stock clock speed. If your temps are under 60c at 5ghz I would be very happy with it. But at 5ghz it should be the same as a FX-8350 at 5ghz since it is the same chip just clocked higher. However I think the FX-9370 is supposed to have better headroom on overclocks, I could be wrong.
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