Wifi speed drop in windows 8.1

I have a lenovo g505s which has windows 8.1 and another g450 which has windows 7 ultimate. When i run speedtest .net on both of them, i get just 1-3 Mbps on g505s and 8 Mbps on g450. I have opted for the 8 Mbps plan. Every device in my house shows 8 Mbps except the g505s. Is there a problem with the OS? Cuz even if connected to router via LAN shows 3Mbps. I am thinking of downgrading it to Windows 7 but there are no USB 3.0 drivers available. What do i do?
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  1. It'll most likely be the difference in wifi cards in them.

    Drivers: http://support.lenovo.com/en_AU/research/hints-or-tips/detail.page?DocID=HT072734
  2. The g505s was showing the same 8 Mbps speed a week before this problem started
  3. Using wifi? 2.4 or 5GHz?

    What router? Dual band? N150?

    How far away? Walls, doors, floors in between?
  4. Yes i am using wifi..but even if i am connected to the router via LAN it shows the same speed. The router is a zyxel dual band 2.4 Ghz. But i dont think there is a problem with the router as every other device shows 8 Mbps except the g505s. It is placed next to the router without any obstacles.
  5. What model Zyxel? Dual band is both 2.4 and 5GHz. Using 5 or 2.4 on the laptop?

    Updated drivers?
  6. Zyxel P-660HN-t1A...2.4 Ghz. Laptop operates on 2.4 Ghz too...yes i have the latest drivers
  7. OK - so N150, 2.4GHz.

    Maybe its a problem with the laptop wifi. Try a cable to the router instead.

    With no-one else on the network (check by looking on Windows Explorer), is it still slow?

    Has the router got antennas fitted?
  8. Yes it has got 1 antenna. I tried it with a LAN cable but still no progress. No 1 else used the network. I think it maybe a problem with windows 8.1. The windows 7 laptop shows 8 Mbps. If i downgrade the windows 8.1 laptop, i need the usb 3.0 drivers for windows 7. Do they come with the chipset drivers?
  9. 2 antennae are better.

    I wouldn't think W8 would make a difference.

    Get the drivers for W7 or 8 at the link above.
  10. All right. But i need the drivers for win 7 (g505s 64 bit) and i dnt see any link
  11. Will those work with g505s?.. I am thinking of downgrading the g505s not the g450
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