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Hey everyone,

So recently my family moved to an apartment, we are in a penthouse which would be 7th and 8th floor, since we didn't have any problems before with the previous provider we chose the same company. After the whole wiring we decided to put the modem/router in the 8th floor, but the internet drops off a lot. The company suggested in adding another modem/router in the 7th floor but that's around +$50 because we pay for 60Mg. I'm thinking of adding another router, besides the one that is already integrated with the modem. Is there another solution?
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  1. Pull a cake between floors, and install simple We AP they're (access point) to cover the lower floor
  2. So I live in Puerto Rico which every building is completely done with bricks and concrete, making a hole between floors might not be an option at the moment.
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    use two products like these.
    for the main router in the home.
    the for the extend the range on the lower flow.
    use the ac wire in your home.
    on your desktop or other devices use high power usb device.
  5. Thanks! I'll try that tomorrow
  6. If you have brick/concrete floors you will likely not find any wireless that will penetrate. I tend to stay far away from amped they have a history of publishing there power number different than other vendors. They do things like include antenna gain into the output power which other vendors do not. They pretend they transmit at higher power than other vendors. Legally they can't transmit more that a certain power. When you go to the FCC databases where they must publish the number according to the FCC rules they have the same power output as almost every other router on the market.

    The router you currently have likely transmit at or near the legal maximum so there will likely only be a small difference. Still even if you were to replace the router it is only half the problem. Lets assume you put in some massive illegal wireless transmitter that is 10 times as powerful as your current router. The end devices might be able to receive the signal from the router but now what unless you buy massive transmitters for every end device the signal will never get back to the router.

    Concrete is one of the absolute worst things to try to pass wireless though. Also wireless antenna design favors transmission horizontally so the vast majority of the router signal is used for devices on the same floor. It drops a lot when you go vertical between floors.

    I would try very hard to find some existing cabled connections between the floor. If it is possible to have a second modem installed this implies there is some form of phone cable. This might actually be data grade cable you can use to run ethernet over. Your other options are things like coax tv cable using a device called MoCA. As a last option you have power outlets that you can use powerline network equipment. I am assuming you have your own power meter and power panel for the 2 floors...if it is somehow shared in the whole building then I have no idea if you can make powerline stuff work.
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