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My laptops colours are really weird.. at startup they are normal. once in windows on my desktop they go to a red tint but once i launch a program that requires windows acces (windows 7) it goes back to normal..
any help?
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  1. Update your GPU's driver.
    Remove the old on and install the new one in Safe Mode!

    If the problem is still there change the color setting in the GPU's menu.

    You can calibrate your display in Windows 7 up.
  2. I updated the driver, did the calibration and it still happens. It ussually happens when i launch a program that requires windows acces as in changes to windows.

    More info: it ussually happens when the windows dims the screen for the selection of yes or no to changes. (if tat makes sense). once the window of selection is closed it goes back to normal.
  3. Nathan Willis said:

    I did that and the colour fixes but at start up it appears then dispears and shutdown it messes up right before it goes to logging off screen..
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    It sounds like our GPU is having problems.

    See links.

    If the problem is happening before you get to the desktop it has to do with hardware.
    The screen on the laptop may be failing.

    Update all of the MOB's/Laptop's drivers. Update Windows.

    This may help:

    This is very good:
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