HELP! building a new pc need help with wiring Corsair cx600w psu and all my components

Hi, I am brand new to Tom's Hardware and I am building a PC for the first time so thanks for reading this and helping me!!

So my problem is i am wiring my new pc and i have a non modular Corsair CX 600w psu and i cant seem to get everything plugged into. Particularly the Kraken X60 which i just installed. I will include photos and everything. My question is where do i need to plug all my psu cables into on my motherboard, what do i plug the kraken into, and where if i need to can i get adapter, extenders etc, Photos are as follows thanks again! :)
I have the following components:
Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboard
Corsair Vengance Ram 1600mhz CL9 9-9-9-24 timings (1x8gb)
Kraken x60 AIO Liquid cooler
AMD FX-8350 4.0ghz 8-core black edition
Sound Blaster sound card
EVEGA gtx 560 ti gpu'
Kingston Hyper X SSD
WD Cavier 1tb HDD
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    X60 Connectors overview

    The main Power Supply connections from the power supply to the motherboard is the 24 pin ATX connection to the motherboard as well as the 4 pin / 8 pin connector near the CPU.

    On the kraken, the SATA connector plugs into one of the sata connection on the power supply. The USB header plugs into one of the USB header connections on the motherboard. The 3 pin connector plugs into the 4 pin connector on the motherboard that is used for PWN CPU heatsink/fan combos then the fans are plugged into the 4 3 pin connectors available on the kraken device.

    Which 3 pins of the 4 pin connection to plug into:

    (Original: The 3 pin connector plugs into one of the 3 pin connectors on the motherboard then the fans are plugged into the 4 3 pin connectors available on the kraken device.)

    And connect the 6/8 pin PCI-E connector(s) to the video card.
  2. Thank you for that!! So I did that and I have two problems although they may be the same. Problem 1. I plugged in everything I tried to start the PC and nothing happened. I do have the green led indicating I have power....I then hit the directkey which doreclty turns on the motherboards....kraken lit up and I heard sparking like jumper cables on a car battery and I saw smoke so I turned the PSU off. Problem 2. It seems either the kraken or the 3 pin CPU fan connector was smoking....problem is the kraken instructions say to plug the 3 pin CPU fan into a 4 pin slot... Which is weird...and i didn't do that at the time of the smoking..... I did try it after and still no boot. The 3 pin connector which i tried before is not I. The motherboard manual as a CPU fan connector....or even marked at all.
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