CPU Temp Monitors/BIOS showing false CPU temperature?

Hi first time posting here. I just recently bought a new pc and built with my friends and i got this weird "issue" that when i run say RealTemp, it shows cpu idle temp is around 43-48c (which is fine i guess?) But when i click on the Sensor Test, my fans start spinning faster for a few seconds and it shows that my cpu temp immediately went up to 99c. At the same moment when the fans slow down, the app shows 48c as temp again. Could there be an issue with the heat sensor or something as i am completely clueless, as a pc wont heat up that fast.
Im using Intel i7 4770k processor
ASUS Z97 Deluxe motherboard
Kingston HyperX 2x4gb RAM
Coolermaster hyper TX3 evo
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  1. try this one to compare with bios temp
  2. Nope still got the same numbers
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    post a picture of the hwinfo sensor page also does your cooler is well fix and have cooling paste between cpu and cooler base .
  4. Ok so i my aftermarket cooler didnt seem to fit my mobo or something like that so i think caused it. Now i have my intel cooler i got with the cpu , i also applied new thermal paste after removing the old one. Now it is 45c idle, and around 50-60 while gaming.
  5. this one is better then the tx 3 with a 92 mm fan since it have a 120mm fan if you could get it in your case it need 160mm from cooler base ,use it with mx2 or mx4 paste .
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