Plz tell me which built is best for gaming

I m giving you some built which is in my budget and price of every components in my country..... My budget is 37000

Cpu=fx 6300 = 7000 NIR
Gpu=asus gtx 760 2gb ddr5 =20200 NIR
Mobo= asus m5a97 LE = 5300 NIR
Psu=seasonic ECO 600 watt =4500 NIR


Cpu = core i5 4430 = 12500 NIR
Gpu=MSI gtx N660 OC 2gb ddr5 = 14000 NIR
Mobo= GA H81M S1 = 5000 NIR
Psu= antec VP 550 watt = 3500 NIR

If u have better built to suggest.. .. plz tell me...... My budget is 37000 NIR....
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  1. cpu fx 6300 Rs.7000
    gpu Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R9 270X with Boost OC 2 GB Rs.14100
    mobo atx MSI 970A-G46 Rs.5800 or micro atx ASUS M5A97 LE Rs.5300
    psu Corsair VS650 650 Rs.3800
    also get a ssd with the 6000 you have saved to double your general performance get this Corsair Force Series GS 128 GB SSD
  2. What is SSD???...... And i want to buy nvidia card..... . Plz suggest me only nvidia card.... bt thanks for the suggestion......
  3. i went for a cheaper gpu(270x) because 760 is just about 7 to 8% faster than the 270x and the 270x is about Rs.6000 cheaper so is an epic value for money. the fx 6300 is a good cpu and if your main purpose is gaming then you wont need an i5.all these value for money products allow u to a manage a ssd in the budget which is shown to halve the boot times of windows 7 and reduce the boot time of windows 8.1 2.5times. all your applications stores on the ssd will launch at blazing fast speed. also i want to ask that how much ram do you have?
  4. 8gb G. Skill
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    why only nvdia? the amd r9 270x is much more value for money product than the 760.
    about ssd please read these thoroughly

    and about the amd vs nvdia gfx card read this

    this is a long review so if you have time read it word by word but if you are in a hurry then have a look at the game test charts on each page to know the performance difference and read the conclusion page.
  6. I know radeon is more powerful card bt i want to play games in 3D......i play most of nvidia optimised game....
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