What Power Supply to buy?

Hey guys,I am planning to buy the following machine
Intel core I5 3rd gen 3450
Ram- 8 gigs corsair vengeance
Mobo- Gigabyte B75M D3H
GPU- ASUS / MSI Nvidia gtx 660
HDD- Seegate baracuda 1TB
An optical drive...
Case- Corsair carbide 400r
also I will put 2 additional coolermaster 120mm fans..
So with that config what would be the best PSU for me? Is 550 W PSU enough or I need to increase the power? Please recommend corsair PSU VS or CX series preferable...

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  2. Hey, I can't recommend you the VS/CX when there are better versions around :),3107-7.html

    It's a better PSU and is the same cost as the CX/VS series if that is what worries you :P

    Your system could run off the 450w version, but I would keep the 550w incase you choose to upgrade and overclock later for a performance boost :)
  3. Yes, 550W is perfect for that build. Corsairs are reliable, buy whichever you can afford. The more expensive, the more reliable, as always.

    Owner of CX600.
  4. I run a i5 3570k OC to 4.3, gtx 660ti OC, and 16Gb patriot 1600 ram OC to 2166 on a corsair h-55 CLC. All that on a 520w psu, and even running furmark and prime95 simultaneously has not managed to max out the PSU. But then again, my PSU is a Seasonic. I wouldn't try it with a corsair psu less than 600w. It's all about quality. Lower tier psu's in general, do not have the quality of components to do what they claim. If they print its a 500w psu, count on a 12v output of @400-450w.

    Seasonic m12II 520w... 40A, 480w @12v output. Corsair CX600...40A, 480w @12v output. Bigger is not better considering the CX500 is rated at 38A, 456w @12v. IMHO, 480w from a supposed 600w psu is pathetic.
  5. Thanks Fellas!!
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